The Blog: Update 6

Vamos Adelante and World Central Kitchen (WCK; continue to deliver food daily to the isolated community of Ceylan, high up on the side of Fuego. WCK has been distributing food to other locations as well, so Nina has recently been charged with meeting the Ceylan promoters in Siquinala to hand off the meals for the day.

She reports yesterday: “So early today I drove 800 delicious hot meals, 500 sandwiches, 150 apples, boxes of bananas to Siquinala, where Glenda and Mayra [Vamos Adelante promoters] were waiting for me with a pickup close to the rivers. They brought the food up to Ceylan for distribution.”

Later in the afternoon Nina met with the local rescue workers who continue searching for missing bodies buried in the ash and debris. This group of locals has been digging every day for over a week now. She learned that the families need help with money to buy diesel so they can use the loaned excavator (from a neighboring farm) to continue their search. Furthermore, she learned many of their boots have worn out and some have holes burned in them due to the still hot buried layers of lava and debris. Vamos Adelante will provide both funds for diesel fuel and for new boots so these locals may continue searching for the bodies of their family, friends and neighbors. Thank you for helping to enable Vamos Adelante to provide as these urgent and important needs arise.




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