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Vamos Adelante has recruited and trained a group of health and education promotoras from the different villages in which we work. These women walk, on average, 8 to 12 miles per day carrying medications and nutritional supplements on their backs and offer counsel to about 200 families each. Several women have also been recruited and trained to monitor the progress of the students for who Vamos Adelante is providing academic scholarships. These women are the means by which Vamos Adelante works on the ground.

An example of the success of our work on hygiene and health care:
Nine-year old Lucia was born almost completely blind. Because both of her parents died in an accident when she was very young, Lucia was suffering not only from her illness but also from the isolation in which she lived with only her two elderly grandparents. In the rural Guatemala, a blind child like Lucia has almost no opportunity to go to school or play normally with other children. When Vamos Adelante heard about Lucia situation, we took her to a specialized eye surgeon in Antigua to find out if anything could be done about her sight. Two surgeries and several years later, Lucia now proudly sits alongside the other children in the first grade at her village’s elementary school. Her life has changed completely through regaining her sight, as she is now able to live as an independent person and seek opportunities that would never have been available to her in the past. Lucia is one of hundreds of children and adults who Vamos Adelante helped to regain their sight through eye operations…. Lucia is now attending 6th grade in the Montijo school, an admiral level of education in this region. She has a scholarship with Vamos Adelante.