Commit to sponsoring a child or senior for $35 per month.
Vamos Adelante pays particular attention to the neediest families and individuals in the communities it serves. These include orphans,  mothers with at least three children, and disabled or elderly villagers who have no family support. The project has been able to find long-term sponsors for these families and individuals, who provide them with a monthly care package of staple food items and household supplies. Often, sponsors will also help their families with housing needs (e.g., buying tin sheet roofs) and basic furnishings such as beds as needed as well.
Most children who are born in this region of Guatemala often do not live a carefree childhood. Few receive the opportunity to attend school until 6th grade (often only to 3-4 grade), but instead work with their parents in the fields as soon as they are able. This pattern in childhood leads to many adverse health effects, most predominantly malnutrition.
Your monthly donation will provide staple food items to support a child and his or her family or an elderly person whose family is not able to care for him or her. This program is extremely successful in preventing malnutrition in these particularly susceptible individuals. Children who are old enough to go to school and receive this support are required by the project to attend school and so are supported in doing so with a Vamos Adelante scholarship. This program also provides some comfort to these elderly people nearing the end of their lives. Vamos Adelante promotoras make regular visits to recipients home to monitor their status. 


A senior citizen success story:
Don Jacinto was brought to us in the state of severe malnutrition. Immediate action was required. As he has no children we found a family  and asked them if they could cook the donated Vamos Adelante food daily for Don Jacinto. They agreed and after some months  Jacinto was getting better. Another woman offered a small piece of land where he could live and the project built a small tin sheet house for him, provided him with a little kitchen and a bed. He is now cooking his breakfast himself, but lunch is still being prepared by the woman who owns the property. Don Jacinto is working a little in the fields again and feels very fortunate.

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