Afternoon Support Programs

Vamos Adelante supports a team of caring and dedicated teachers who spend five afternoons per week with a room full of children in small libraries built by Vamos Adelante supporters. These tutors help the children learn to read, write and to do their homework. They provide an opportunity for one-on-one and small group attention that these children do not receive at school due to the large class sizes. Furthermore, most of these children’s parents are illiterate and unable to guide their children on their homework. This program is very successful. Many children who had been deemed “problematic” in school are now passing their classes.

The first library opened in San Miguel Los Lotes / Santa Rosa many years ago, in 1994. It began with only four children who were curious to learn. Since then, three more libraries have been constructed by Vamos Adelante, providing daily opportunities to more than 400 children. Now all but one have been handed over to the communities to manage. The facilities are used in the mornings for special workshops and trainings.

Typewriting & Computer Schools

Students in junior high school in Guatemala are required by the national Ministry of Education to attend classes to learn to use a typewriter and a computer . Normally, these classes cost more money than students in the region we serve are able to pay, creating a large barrier on their path to completing junior high school. Vamos Adelante established a local typewriting and computer school where, for a minimal cost, local students are able to attend after school and on weekends to learn to type and to complete the national education requirement. These two schools are now self-sustaining and have been expanded.