Vamos Adelante provides education, health and nutrition services to families living at the base of Guatemala’s active Volcano Fuego (“Fire”), most of who work on a temporary basis harvesting sugar cane and coffee at large farms. 

We ask that all families who are part of our projects follow some basic health, hygiene and educational guidelines. Our health and education promoters make monthly visits to all families’ houses to help remind them of these guidelines. Families who do not make an effort to improve their living standards through following the guidelines may, in extreme cases, lose their support from Vamos Adelante. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Keep their homes and children clean, including avoiding lice and brushing teeth
  • Boil, chlorinate or filter their drinking water
  • Cover their food with a cloth to prevent contamination by insects
  • Eat in sanitary conditions
  • Vaccinate children according to Ministry of Health recommendations
  • Send children to school on time every day
  • Attend regular basic health and hygiene workshops organized by Vamos Adelante