The Blog: Update 2

The path of Fuego’s destruction has blocked the primary road to many villages at the southern foot of the volcano. Yesterday, Nina Jorgensen of Vamos Adelante took the backroads into these cutoff communities, including to El Zapote where Vamos Adelante’s clinic and home base is located. She was impressed by the amount of help and aid that is making its way in despite the continued rain and very difficult conditions of the route. The solidarity of the international and local communities is apparent. Thanks to all of you who have given support and/or shared this link for being part of this.

The rain continues and the volcanic activity has not fully subsided. Residents in communities located further West than San Miguel Los Lotes, which was completely destroyed by the initial eruption last Sunday, are still noticing changes in the top of the volcano’s appearance. The widespread damage to crops/primary income and metal roofs is apparent. The extent of the eruption’s damage has not yet been fully realized but it is obvious the road to recovery will be long.

Nina is helping to coordinate the listing of survivors and those still missing from San Miguel Los Lotes (before & after satellite photos below) to organize and prioritize distribution of these emergency relief funds. It has become increasingly difficult to locate people after the shelters in Escuintla were evacuated and now that many survivors have made their way to the homes of friends and family outside the danger zone.

Tomorrow, Vamos Adelante will partner with World Central Kitchen ( to provide at least 700 prepared meals, including protein and vegetables, to residents of one of the highest-elevation communities on Fuego that is cut off due to eruption damage.

On Monday, local non-profits, including Vamos Adelante, will meet to coordinate emergency relief and long-term efforts for rebuilding to ensure efficient distribution and responsible use of the funds collected to serve the people affected. Nina has also connected with emergency relief experts, who arrived in Guatemala following the eruption, for consultation on Vamos Adelante’s strategy moving forward.


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